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Walk in Shower Installation Services for the Issaquah Community


Managing self-care tasks like taking a shower is a big challenge for people in Issaquah, WA who are struggling with limited mobility. Since 2001, Home at Ease has strived to help out by offering walk in shower and roll in shower installation services.

We are building contractors who remodel residential properties and make them more accessible for seniors and the disabled. We are proud to be NAHB certified Aging-in-Place Specialists.

Our focus while installing a walk in shower in an Issaquah home is to ensure the installations bring our clients optimal:

Our walk in showers offer easy entry with no steps. We also provide textured, slip-resistant flooring in every walk in shower installed in Issaquah. Sturdy grab bars, easy-to-reach controls, and strategically placed shelves are some other features of a walk in shower we install in Issaquah homes.

Roll in Shower for Wheelchair Accessibility in Issaquah Homes


Age or disability should not deprive anyone of a calming shower if they rely on a wheelchair. Call Home at Ease to install a roll in shower in your Issaquah home and enjoy independent showers. Our roll in or walk in showers provide excellent wheelchair accessibility, and a thoroughly satisfying bathing experience. We take a detail-oriented approach to roll in shower installations in Issaquah homes.

A wide entrance offers safe access to the roll in shower. All other necessary features are integrated in the roll in shower to ensure a hassle-free, practical way of bathing.

In addition, we make sure the roll in shower in your Issaquah home complements your bathroom d├ęcor. We offer shower bases, surrounds, etc. in several options of:

Walk in Showers and Bathroom Remodeling Services in Issaquah


Installing a walk in shower is not a job to be trusted to just any bathroom remodeling contractor. Walk in showers have to accommodate special user needs. Therefore, only professionals like Home at Ease should be hired to install walk in showers in Issaquah.

What we bring to the table on all big and small projects for installation of walk in showers in Issaquah are:

Want a roll in shower or walk in shower installed in your Issaquah home? Call Home at Ease at 206-605-2284 today.